Walker Etiketten - Take a look into the world of special labels!

With us, you will not find a web shop or Internet pricing. We do not sell standard labels but rather offer sophisticated customised solutions with high quality standards.
Walker develops intelligent and clever labels, which can do more than simply inform and provide decoration.

Our all-rounders can create space where there is none.
They can be opened and closed again, adapt to every type of product packing and ensure the safe and secure transport of information to the consumer.

Our motto is: "Impossible? There's no such thing! - Always a bit better"!
We give our customers thorough advice. We also take on the investigation of all the legal requirements to be met by the label as part of the packaging (food standard).We also handle the clarification of all the technical details that ensure reliable subsequent further processing, such as the reprinting or individual dispensing.

We have no minimum requirements - every good idea starts small!
We at Walker are enthusiastic about innovative and new solutions!
On our modern processing facilities, we are happy to provide our customers with short runs.

Our solutions make our customers successful. This is our success.
Personal contact, in-depth consultation and partnership are our top priorities!
"When can you call us?"