The story of Walker Labels

1946 Company founded by Erwin Walker
1984 Joachim Walker starts in the family business
1993 Joachim Walker takes over the management of the company
1997 ISO 9001 certification
1998 Installation of the first modern label printing system
2004 Expansion with a second modern label printing system
2006 Installation of the first booklet plant
2013 Installation of a special coating line for booklet labels and high finish special labels
2019 To ensure succession, Petra and Joachim Walker handed the company to IBA Hartmann

Walker becomes the label specialist

In the 60s, the Walker printing business was already specialising in the production of numbered printed rolls and for the first time started processing self-adhesive papers. In addition to letterpress and offset printing, label production gained ever greater significance over the following years.
In 1984, when Joachim Walker entered the family business, he quickly realised the opportunities offered by specialising still further in label printing.
In 1993, Joachim Walker took over the management of the business and the company was able to move into their own larger premises. This set the conditions for still further specialisation in label printing. After selling the letterpress and offset printing, and renaming the company Walker Etiketten GmbH, it was possible to invest in modern and above all flexible machines that have made the production of high-quality and customised labels possible.

In 1997 Walker Etiketten was certified to ISO9001. The highly specialised quality management system forms the foundation of all processes, guaranteeing consistent quality of the highest level.

1998 Installation of the first ultra-modern 6-colour label printing system

2004 Extension of the machine facilities with a second 6-colour label press

2006 Installation of the first booklet plant

The special machine installed in 2013 is a finishing plant that expanded the company's technical possibilities dramatically. Today, Walker Etiketten is not only able to manufacture any desired composite material in-house, but also produce labels with any numbers of layers and combinations. There are now no limits to the special requirements of our customers.


Thanks to our highly motivated, flexible and competent staff, and our many regular customers whose demanding challenges have encouraged constant innovation, over the past two decades Walker Etiketten have developed into a modern specialist for innovative label solutions.
Today Walker Etiketten supports 25 staff with a turnover of €4 million.

The success of Walker Etiketten belongs to our clients and our staff!