Booklet labels - the true all-rounders

Wherever the normal label has no more space to share additional details about the product with your customers, a booklet label solves the problem and catches the eye as well. Directly placed on the product, mini-brochures hide under a superb cover label, folded or bound. When the cover label is removed, a booklet label - a miracle of information - unfolds to its full size. It can be resealed. The shape, size, content, life and durability of booklet labels are almost limitless.

Are your products subject to labelling requirements? Then all the mandatory information can be presented here in full. Whether you want to include multilingual product descriptions, obligatory data in several languages, competitions, recipes, serving suggestions, instruction manuals or product samples on a booklet label, it's no problem. Our all-rounder labels are there to help. Incidentally, we can also manufacture them for you in small runs!
We want to demonstrate the enormous potential of these exceptional labels to you.
Talk to us - we will find the right solution for your products!