These days, product labels must fulfil many important tasks.

Alongside multifunctional technical needs, product labels must also meet the statutory labelling requirements.
That's why at Walker Etiketten you will receive detailed advice first! We only start production when all of your requirements for graphics, label material, printing, varnishing or special effects have been established.

When it comes to convincing the customer at the point of sale, product labels are a clincher - for YOU!

That much is certain! Your products need to be real eye-catchers, not only inviting a closer look but also encouraging customers to touch.

Walker helps advance your projects
Our job is to provide the best possible support for your graphic designs with a variety of finishing options!
We achieve great special effects by combining the label material with vivid, intense colours and fancy coatings.
We varnish the surface, completely or partially, with matt, gloss, high-gloss or haptic coatings.

The combination of labelstock with adhesive is designed to provide the best possible support for your manufacturing process, and later, during the lifetime of the product, preserve its special appearance.

We at Walker Etiketten believe we have a responsibility to create an outstanding look of your products.
So we will be asking you a lot of questions!