Walker Etiketten can do more!

If it is a challenging task, we feel at home.
Our products are just perfect for your special assignments - that's what distinguishes us from other manufacturers!

A sophisticated quality management system, the latest prepress and advanced printing systems make us a real quality supplier.
Our quality commitment begins before we make an offer, with an individual, detailed consultation.
We guarantee consistent print quality - not only within a run, but over the long term as well!
That’s a promise!

Innovative technology with Walker - this is what we offer:

We have completely converted our operating facility to using low-migration inks and varnishes.
We meet all the requirements for the food industry.
Our efficient colour mixing system always offers you just the “right tone”.

Not only do varnishes offer cost-effective protection for your label, they can also be used specifically to create optical effects. In addition to different finishes from matte to high gloss, we varnish the surface for you, completely or partially, either as a so-called spot coating or combined.
If the varnish is required to form structures or, for example, create a haptic effect, we work with different source varnishes. We create great special effects such as fluorescence, luminescence, or metallic using special varnish additives.

Our invisible security features provide you with the perfect trademark that, when incorporated in the varnish, adhesive or ink, can be detected with simple equipment.

Film lamination:
Does your label need a specially high protection against chemicals or weather conditions? Must it be heavy duty? Or perhaps have a special gloss effect? Then we should talk about film lamination!

Hot foil stamping:
You have a choice of a variety of hot stamping foils. These are not only available in gold, silver or copper - they can be supplied with different coloured inks, with holography or glitter effects. Not forgetting stamping foils that you can rub off.

Digital printing:
These days, digital printing has become indispensable. No longer can it be accused of producing unacceptable quality. With us, 6-colour digital printing is an integral part of our production! With our digital inkjet printing, we are well equipped for variable date stamping or sequential barcodes.

Ultramodern finishing systems:
You have probably noticed, we love something that is really special. We are really into booklet labels or multi-ply labels! Partial glue neutralisation, reverse-side printing or adhesive printing all fascinate us!
We have got it all - for the production of special coatings of mono films, papers, carton or (fleece) fabrics. That means we can produce customised adhesive bonds with any number of layers - even when manufactured in small quantities.

Specialty films:
We find the stamping and processing of special films for handles, loop labels or stamped parts just as interesting as our piggyback labels, where the label has to be attached to another label.

Punching and converting equipment:
Unprinted labels cannot be produced economically on a multi-colour press. That is why we produce such products very accurately on a modern punching and converting plant. Our systems are a byword for perfection!

Roll conversion:
We are happy to guarantee roll conversion with 100% quality, as our optical track monitoring finds every tiny piece of lint. The conversion of labels, cross-cutting and manufacturing sheet goods are as much a part of our standard manufacturing program as the zigzag folds of folded labels.

Thermal transfer printing, labelling technology and mailings:
Ask us about any aspects of using thermal transfer printers or the use of dispensing equipment.
We have extensive experience in carrying out high-volume mailings with dispensed and personalised labels. Such as mailings, refuse mailings or the personalised delivery of your labels to subsidiaries and the final customer!

Last but not least - the service:
Intensive consultation is part of the service. That is why we will be asking you a lot of questions! Basically, we do not rely on assumptions - only on your answers.