Counterfeit protection with individual VOID pattern
Counterfeit protection with individual VOID pattern

Counterfeit-proof elements provide an effective protection against counterfeiting

To achieve effective protection against counterfeiting, security labels needcounterfeit -proof elements.

  • Safety films with individual VOID patterns or lettering (e.g. company logo)
    Conventional safety films are printed on the top of the film.
    When the label is detached, the overprint is also removed.

  • For individual security films, we first print the layer between the adhesive and underside of the film and then position both layers one above the other.
    The imprint can be printed individually and be multicoloured.

    If the label is removed after being stuck on, the adhesive and label are permanently separated, the coloured imprint (individual security feature) remains behind on the adhesive fixed to the packaging.
    The label that has been removed no longer adheres and is therefore worthless.
    These security films thus function like a tattoo.
Counterfeit protection with registration codes
Counterfeit protection with registration codes
  • With registration code labels you give your customers the opportunity to verify the authenticity of their products on the internet and also to register them.
    If the registration code is fully covered by scratch-off ink or even original packaging in a booklet, the customer can register online.

    Once the customer has purchased a product with an intact registration code that he can register with you online, you have won a satisfied customer who is pleased to own a genuine branded product, in addition to acquiring personal customer data.
Counterfeit protection with fluorescent inks
Counterfeit protection with fluorescent inks
  • In the case of security labels with invisible fluorescent inks, two security features are combined.
    In daylight, an imprint with an invisible fluorescent ink is transparent and invisible to the customer. The test is carried out under a UV lamp, where the logos, patterns, text or logo become visible.
    In combination with a splitting VOID foil, every attempt to remove the label can be made visible.
    Fluorescent inks are freely available on the market, so in effect the protection against professional counterfeiters is limited.
Counterfeit protection with embossed holograms
Counterfeit protection with embossed holograms
  • It is practically impossible to copy embossed holograms because of their complex technical and costly production methods.
    In addition to embossed holograms, it is possible to use custom embossed holograms with a confidentiality agreement.
    Embossed holograms are imprinted as a thin film and can visually verified by the end custome, as well as the manufacturer or retailer.
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