Secure online PINs with imprint on the scratch-off ink and coupon section!
Online PIN with scratch-off ink and imprint and coupon section

PIN codes under opaque scratch-off ink with document section - tamper-proof and easy to register!

Scratch-off ink is ideal to protect sensitive data such as PIN codes. It is absolutely opaque and also tamper-proof.
Self-adhesive PIN codes are usually paper labels.
Trying to peel off the PIN and transfer it or read it off from the label back fails because the paper tears immediately. (Transfer security)
Once the scratch-off field is damaged, it cannot be undone.

So secret numbers, winning numbers, access codes or PINs are protected against abuse.

The coupon section is "internally registered" by being glued to an internal document!

In our example, the scratch-off surface has an additional text imprint.

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