Cosmetic labels - the composition of extraordinary printing effects
Cosmetic labels are composed of exceptional printing effects

Cosmetics labels are not only the best looking of product identifiers - but are also full of promise

Cosmetic products not only promise us that we will look beautiful and well groomed, but must also themselves be in TOP shape throughout the entire life of the product. We reach into our bag of tricks to achieve this.

The particular mix of bright colours, fancy embossing or special haptic coatings make our cosmetics labels into a personal experience. Nowhere else does the right presentation play such an important role as in cosmetics!

The no-label look in cosmetics labels generates the most elegant appearance!
The no label look in cosmetics labels generates the most elegant appearance!

In the no-label look, the glass looks like it has been directly printed!
You can look right through to the content!
To achieve this effect, we use highly transparent films and clear adhesive.
And another thing is important: the gossamer-thin films adapt perfectly to the surfaces of the bottles - and are virtually invisible!

Cosmetics labels look great and are durable
Cosmetics labels are good looking, of very high quality and durable!

A timelessly beautiful product is created by the use of high-quality films in conjunction with special coatings to protect the label against essential oils, alkalis, water and sunlight.
Squeeze bottles require a very durable label that stays looking good and does not peel off even after being picked up frequently.

If the space on the packaging is not enough -
let's talk quickly about multilayer labels, wrap around labels or booklet labels!

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