These three-layer labels can be selectively opened using the index punching.
Three-layer labels with two truncated corners - index punching

Three- layer labels with 2 truncated corners - index punching for selective opening

The three-layer label with truncated corners (index punching) gives your customers five times the information area and a big PLUS in ease of opening.
Not only do the truncated corners make each individual layer visible, but batch numbers or best-before dates can be printed on later.
(See picture with enlarged index)

Where index punching with truncated corners is used, the individual layers adhere to one another more firmly. This reliably prevents the "peeling" of individual layers on curved surfaces or during frequent use.

If the two upper layers contain identical information, the cover label - as in a duplex label - can be removed completely and permanently stuck on again to another container.

This variant of the multilayer label finds a very special application in the field of pesticides. Here the dilution of the spray chemical for the end customer is marked on the uppermost label in no time.

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