Three-layer labels with two non-adhesive grip tabs offer a five-page information area
Three layer labels with two adhesive-free grip corners

Three layer labels with two non-adhesive corners and a five-page information area

The three-layer label with opposed non-adhesive areas is both many-sided (up to five pages of text) and moisture-resistant.
Similar to the two-layer version, it facilitates opening and re-closing by means of two opposite non-adhesive corners or edges.

Three-layer peel-off labels or multilayer labels offer - similar to booklet labels - the possibility of accommodating a lot of information in a small area.

Whenever booklet labels are excluded because of moisture, the multilayer label has a clear advantage, because it consists entirely of film.
It remains fully functional, even when things get wet.
Ideal for plant protection products, builders' merchants and any form of external storage!

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