Promotions with three-sided peel-off labels for curved surfaces
Promotions with three-sided printed peel-off labels
Promotion for coffee cups the Peel-offs: TWIN label and ADD-ON label
Promotion with TWIN labels and ADD-ON-labels the three-sided peel-off labels
ADD-ON labels are the perfect promotion on food packaging.
Promotion with ADD-ON labels on coffee cups

Perfect promotions with ADD-ON and TWIN labels, three-sided peel-off labels

Get three sides with just two layers: Our two-layer peel-off label can accommodate three times the amount of text!

The two layers of the multilayer label are bonded across their surfaces and yet can be easily opened and closed again (peel-off).
It is inexpensive to make and is wonderful as a lid label or a base label.

A special variant of the peel-off label is our Coffee Cup Promotion label.
Here you can choose between two label designs. Our ADD-ONs are equipped with an adhesive-free grip tab, while the TWIN-label is held together with just two little adhesive dots.
Both the ADD-ON and the TWIN-label are inexpensive to manufacture.

The very special food promotion version may also have contact with the inside of the cup. It is perfectly suited for indirect contact with food!
All our inks are completely dry and protected against imitation and abrasion. And the adhesives are food safe of course.

The slightly curved surface of a coffee cup is no problem for our promotion specialists, as they simply adapt to the surface.
We've tested it a million times.
Incidentally, the coffee cup stickers are also available as MINI-booklets!

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