The Euro Test mark is highly resistant and durable
The Euro Test mark for safety is highly resistant and durable

Weatherproof labels also withstand the effects of extreme weather conditions

Speciality films for extreme cases!
If labels are exposed to extreme weather conditions, the material, adhesives and printing inks must meet these requirements in a very special way.
For outdoor use in our latitudes, special films are made of PVC, polyester or polypropylene.
The weatherproof labels may also be applied at only a few degrees above freezing, and must have a high tolerance to moisture (because of fogging).
In our latitudes, the temperature range for very good adhesion is about -30° to +80° C.

Benefit from the UV protection of Walker Etiketten
Once the weatherproof label is fixed securely in place, the shape, adhesive strength and lettering must remain stable even when subject to direct UV radiation.
The UV protection in Walker Etiketten securely protects our inks from aggressive UV radiation and colour fading.
At the same time it provides a secure protection against chemicals, abrasion and cleaning processes.

Weatherproof industrial labels are perfect for the building materials trade, waste management or the metals industry.
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