Trouble-free labelling with high-quality thermal transfer labels
Trouble-free labelling with high-quality thermal transfer labels
High-quality film thermal transfer labels
High-quality film thermal transfer labels

High-quality thermal labels or thermal transfer labels guarantee trouble-free labelling processes

Thermal transfer labels and thermal labels are used everywhere as unprinted or coloured blanks, where a lot of variable data must be printed in-process.

With a high information density and limited label space, these industrial labels must be absolutely centred on the label tape, otherwise there is a risk that the information is not printed within, but rather on the outside of the label.
That is why we punch thermal or thermal transfer labels with great precision, ensuring that they always sit centrally on the label tape.

We really know thermal transfer printers well,
so we only produce when the re-printability of your labels is certain.

You can rely on thermal transfer label specialists:

A pressure test with your colour ribbon is just as much part of the standard as perfect punching. We do not have any labels that cannot be dispensed.
Do we have the same understanding of quality? Then call us!

We offer a special delivery service for the furniture and wood processing industry. You can always call off thermal labels in the formats 60x78mm and 80x100 mm on 40mm or 76mm sleeves from stock and with short delivery times. We use a special detachable glue for all furniture and wood surfaces. We would be happy to send you samples. You can download our order form under Downloads.

Special solutions are our hobby!
Need thermal or thermal transfer labels with even more functionality?
For example with a non-adhesive tab?
Or with punching on the back? Do not hesitate to ask!


At Walker one rule always applies:
We are very aware of quality and work at the highest level of precision. Special solutions are simply part of what we do. That is why calling us is guaranteed to be worth your while!

Learn more about composite materials such as a combination of paper and film labels placed side by side or one above the other. All this can be found in this section under special material and labels with adhesive neutralisation.

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