Garbage tokens by Walker
Garbage tokens by Walker
The Walker token system combines garbage tokens with printed notifications
The Walker token system combines garbage tokens with printed notifications

Garbage tokens are weatherproof, transfer secure, high-performance labels!

We customise your garbage tokens and bring them together with the notification of charges!

The production of customised garbage tokens, printing notifications of charge and bringing together both parts is what we call garbage token mailing.

Are you looking for transfer secure garbage tokens
that can be dispensed on your notifications of charges,
ready in envelopes and posted out at the lowest postage charge?

Then leave the garbage token mailing to us completely!
It is as simple as this:

  1. Design and print counterfeit-proof garbage tokens.
  2. Print the notifications of charge.
  3. Customise the garbage tokens.
  4. Individually dispense or sort the notifications and tokens.
  5. Place in envelopes and take to the post office
  6. And much more - all part of our garbage token system.

Benefit from over 20 years of experience in the waste management industry!

Walker's token systems brochure gives an overview of different variants for garbage token mailings. This is available for download below (link!).

We would be pleased to send you our sample folder of garbage tokens.
Please call us! We would be pleased to give you detailed advice.

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