Personalised or encoded labels are our speciality
Personalised, numbered or coded labels in all versions

Consecutive barcode and number labels or customised labels can be produced for you from any desired material

A wide variety of materials and adhesives are available to you for barcode labels, number labels or customised labels.

Whether multicoloured or black, we print it with digital, inkjet, thermal or thermal transfer printing.
Your application and your requirements determine the label material and how it is processed.
If special protection is needed, we varnish or laminate your variably printed labels.
For example, chemical-resistant barcode labels on transparent film with protective lamination are part of our range just as much as customised textile or sewn-in labels.

Standard number or barcode labels on demand:
We can deliver to you in any consecutive number range, multiple identical copies from 1 to x.
Of course, in very small print runs too!
Call us. We have no minimum quantity!

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