Large product labels with an integrated booklet
A booklet label on a large product label Two-in-one
8-page booklet integrated into a large product label
8-page booklet integrated into a large product label

The booklet label on top of the large product label: Two-in-one

Are you looking for a small booklet, integrated onto a large product label?

Then our two-in-one booklet is just the right one for you.

We integrate a multi-page booklet label into a multi-coloured printed roll label.
The booklet can be perfectly fitted into the design of the product label under a transparent laminate.

We fit the booklet with a handy grip tab to make it easy to open and reseal. Of course it could also be completely peeled off.
This clever on-pack promotion will impress your customers!
The labelling of booklets is much easier and works on almost any container, whether round or flat, small or large.

Of course, the booklet label can also be positioned on the edge instead of in the middle.
Where there are separate but alternating front / backs, the booklet can be integrated in the front or back side of the label!

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